Our instructors bring a kaleidoscope of creativity and expertise to the classroom. 

In addition to their yoga training, most of them have a deep background in a related field (dance, athletics, therapy, counseling, etc.).  This combines to give you a well-rounded yoga experience.  They will inspire you, befriend you, and be there for you when you’ve had a hard day.  We love them and they love you!

We practice hatha yoga: “ha” means sun and “tha” means moon.  Each class is designed to balance the energies in your body and mind. From an eastern perspective, optimum health & wellness comes when you are balanced.  We find this to be a beautiful approach to life, too.

Our goal is for you to always have new things to take your practice deeper.  There are so many nuances to yoga, in so many directions, that your practice can easily fascinate you for life.

Most people belong to our studio for more than the yoga – they’re here for the community, too.

If you’re looking for like-minded people who want to do a good job with life and inspire you to have healthy habits, you will definitely find that here.  Who knows, you may also find your new best friends.